Spotify. You Lack Of Rock.

To promote the exclusive Spotify National Rock playlist (Artist Marketing Campaign). We developed a huge campaign that put people’s knowledge about Argentine rock to the test.
We made a series of pieces using titles of emblematic songs with ambiguous meanings, playing with the wrong interpretations that we can give them if «we lack rock». 

We create multiple pieces for social networks: Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, OOH, design t-shirts, invite different influencers to participate in the campaign and a surprise show on the subway with two huge local bands: Los Autenticos Decadentes and Vanthra, celebrating the genre so that we never miss rock again.
My part here during my work in Circus agency was leading the project. Yes, all the parts involved.

From the creativity, production, implementation and impact. My work was to keep track, supervise pieces, time and make the campaign shines bright like a diamond.

Last, but not least, we won a mention in a local award:
DIENTE (Premio a la Creatividad Argentina)


Spotify utiliza una frase de la diputada de izquierda Myriam Bregman en su nueva publicidad