Spotify. «La Mona Jímenez».

This Artist Marketing campaign, was about communicate the local legend artist from Córdoba Argentina. «La Mona Jímenez» has almost 50 years being a famous singer from a local genre called «Cuarteto» he is consider as the king of this genre.

Spotify wanted to support the local artist so we proposed to make a tribute to him and the people who supported painting with a famous local muralist ( a 40 mt. painted wall in the local theater that he plays every Friday, YES every single Friday.

The mural concept is based on the relationship that the artist has with the audience, contains several local icons to emphasizes and make honors to the locals who follow the artist.

Also, «La Mona Jímenez» has a particular hand sign to salute his fans in every city. We work with the media partner involved a geolocated communication plan with every signed of the artist.


Local TV channels: