About me

Hi! I’m Lucía Di Chiara, but everyone calls me Lula. I come from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now I’m based in Berlin.

I’m a Multimedia Designer/Art Director, also Project Manager when it’s about to develop creative projects.

Create and Design is my passion, I’m always looking for some new project to jump in.

My work it’s about developing visually your need, could be an idea could be further back like an objective for your brand or a specific task. I’ve 10 years in the ad industry, especially in digital and social media areas.

In the last 3 years, I worked in Circus Marketing, a creative ad agency with offices around the globe, for Spotify brand. It was an amazing journey.

My goal is to create outstanding multimedia environments that generate public interest, offering the best of me, improving every day, through research, learning, work, and will. I consider myself a self-taught and prepared to realize goals using all the resources that I know and that I can learn.

Hope to hear from you to start working together.

Feel free to shoot an email.


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